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What would happen if God instituted voice mail to better route our prayers?

Let's say I had gossiped and wanted to confess, so I got ready to pray, er, call:

Immediately, a voice answered, "You have reached the throne room of Heaven, the Prayer Department. All of our representatives are busy right now. Your call is important to us and we want to help you. Please stay on the line and your request will be answered in the order that it was received."

There is music and then I hear another recorded message. "Listen carefully to the following options and press the appropriate numbers: Press 1 for prayer for a loved one. Press 2 for prayer for your church. Press 3 for giving thanks. Press 4 for confessing sins. Press 5 for salvation. Press 6 for a physical need. If you would like this menu repeated, press 9."

Since I had a sin to confess, I pressed 4. Immediately, I heard a voice saying, "We're so glad to help you in your confession of sins. Please select the appropriate option: If you cursed, press 1. If you yelled at your wife or another member of your family, press 2." The voice droned on, giving the various options.

About then I decided to hang up and keep on gossiping. But then I remembered what the Bible says about God and how God attends to our needs.

Instead of a voice mail system, God says, "And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer, and while they are yet speaking, I will hear." Isaiah 65:24.


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