Family Promise Coming Up—We Need You!

Family Promise July 23-30.

Since 2010 homeless families in Gloucester County have been able to count on the people of St. Paul's to provide them with food and shelter for four weeks every year.

Can we count on you? Our next host week is July 23-30, and we always need volunteers. Our core group has been dwindling, and we’re looking for some fresh help.

It’s not hard, and it doesn’t take much of your time if you sign up for one or two slots. The opportunities are:

Meals/Snacks – make, serve and clean up (6:00 pm nightly)

Evening Fellowship – be there for our guests (6:30 to about 9 pm nightly)

Overnighters – spend the night with guests (one male, one female, 9 pm to 6 am each night)

Transportation – Driving the Family Promise van to take our guests to the Day Center in the morning (5-7 am, depending) and/or pick them up in the afternoon (5:30 pm)

Set Up/Breakdown – get ready for our guests with beds and equipment (after SS first day, 8 am last day)

Talk with our overall coordinator, Gary Rutter, to find out how easy this is, and how valuable. Or check with our area coordinators—Carol Strock, Nancy Jones, Lynne Hoffman, Don Strock, and Ed Schwebel. They’ll explain the ins and outs of their area and exactly what you do. Then sign up on the large chart that will be in the side foyer at the church.

Whether or not you are able to help, please pray for the Family Promise program, our guests, and all our volunteers.

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