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The Number Is 75

Step into St. Paul’s and you can’t miss SEVENTY FIVE. It is everywhere!

Now, there is nothing theologically correct about that number, but it does represent a challenge for every member of our church! It contradicts the concept of a vacation from church that far too many people hold onto across the nation. That number will mean so much if our incredible church family from St. Paul’s once again uses the summer months as an opportunity for ministry.

Are you as surprised as I am by how many churches reduce their worship services in the summer months? It’s as if the other 10 months are all the God time that is needed. Truth is, God is so awesome that we should want more God time not less. (“Pray without ceasing.” “Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary! Let everything that breathes praise the Lord!!”)

When I arrived at St. Paul’s I was thrilled to discover that we add a summer service. Our Bible Studies continue throughout July and August. And this church has an incredible team that creates an awesome environment for kids to come to a growing Vacation Bible School to discover God and Jesus!

New families continue to discover our church; eight new members are now officially part of our church family and the baptisms keep happening! I was told by one couple who visited on Pentecost that they are “pitching their tent with St. Paul’s.” Pentecost was such a blessing and the Sanctuary was filled with Holy Spirit induced energy but that’s what’s great about our church—THE SPIRIT IS ALIVE!!!

So, on to the summer months and an incredible opportunity to showcase God’s love through our church. Worship at the River exposes our church’s love for all every Sunday evening—are you inviting people to worship at the park? Sunday mornings are always welcoming moments of faith in our beautiful sanctuary—who do you know who might enjoy the fellowship and worship here?

Finally, Vacation Bible School. SEVENTY FIVE … last year we had 64 children in VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL but we can do better! Our leadership team is ready … we have an attainable goal of SEVENTY FIVE children for VBS 2017! It starts on Sunday August 20 at 6pm but now is the time to start inviting friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers who have young children. Get it on their schedules and we can easily have 75 kids here this summer!

Vacation Bible School changes lives! Vacation Bible School inspires children to ask their parents to bring them to church! Vacation Bible School helps dismiss the myths about church that may have been keeping parents from attending worship themselves! So let’s make this year’s Vacation Bible School a record breaker … 75 kids discovering God and Jesus! WOW!

Speaking of numbers… Our strength comes from the Lord but the power of this church is in our numbers. It is time for the church to take on a growth plan … so we begin by working through summer vacation.  Together we will invite people to Sunday morning worship, to the River on Sunday evenings, and we will get their kids to Vacation Bible School! Great things are ahead of us as we enjoy summer together for God!

Pastor Dave Delaney

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